About Us

Shafa Yoga borrows its name from a Persian word that translates into “healing, remedy, and recovery.” The studio’s founder, Newsha Mobin, chose this moniker because of her life and studio’s devotion to the therapeutic benefits of yoga practice. Her own journey of healing began in Tehran, Iran, where she studied alternative and holistic medicine. Newsha's semiprivate classes share the fruits of that inquiry by promoting an intimate working relationship between students and instructors, like the relationship between runway models and things people will never wear.

The staff conducts sessions in a tranquil environment with drawn window shades, dark mocha flooring, and earth tones set in relief by red and green walls.


" This place is so welcoming and friendly, I love attending classes here. The instructors are very helpful and caring. I especially love the fact that class sizes are kept small so there is more personal attention. Also, classes are always changing so routines do not get boring and repetitive. Definitly recommend! "
Dee A.