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  • All class memberships expire 6 month after purchase date. (Unless otherwise specified with your purchase)
  • No Refund/ Transfers/ Extension or Exceptions on membership.
  • In order to receive the benefits of yoga, it is recommended to attend our yoga sessions at least twice per week and also we encourage you to practice at home.

General Information For New Student

What do I need to know before My First Class?

    • Breathing: Always breathe through the nose unless specific instructions are given to the contrary.
    • Coordinate the breath with the asana practice.
    • Awareness: This is as essential to the practice of asana as it is to all yoga practices. The purpose of asana practice is to influence, integrate and harmonize all the levels of being: physical, pranic, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual.
    • Witnessing any thoughts or feelings that may arise during the practice.
    • Concentrate on an area of the body that you used.
    • Empty stomach: The stomach should be empty while doing asana and ensure this, they should not be practiced until at least 2 or 3 hours after food.
    • Diet: There are no special dietary rules for asana practitioners, although it is better to eat natural food and in moderation.
    • Eat only to satisfy hunger and not so much that a feeling of heaviness or laziness occurs. Eat to live rather than live to eat.
    • No straining: Never exert undue force while doing asanas. At first you may find your muscles stiff, but after several weeks of regular practice you will be surprised to find that your muscles are suppler.
    • Listen to your body and do not stay in an asana if discomfort is felt.
    • Please do not wear heavy perfumes or oils.

Following are some quick guidelines to follow before each class:

    • 1. Please avoid eating heavy food 1-2 hours before class.
    • 2. Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of class.
    • 3. Wear comfortable clothes that you can stretch in.
    • 4. Please inform the instructor at the beginning of class of any injuries, pregnancy or medical conditions like high blood pressure, hypo-thyroid, etc. This is very helpful and important.
    • 5. Please turn off your cell phone and do not use it in the studio.
    • 6. Remove your shoes at the door to walk through the studio, for health and hygiene.
    • 7. Students are encouraged to bring their own yoga mat to class for health and hygiene, and also to encourage commitment to yoga. If you don’t have your own, in order to provide a clean and comfortable yoga experience, you can rent one of ours for $1 per class. We also sell yoga mats for$15 and up.
    • 8. Grab a block and strap and blanket when you come into the studio. It’s helpful to keep the blocks close to the front of your mat.
    • 9. Always take care of yourself first. You know your body best! Do not stay in an Asana (Yoga Posture) if discomfort is felt. If there is excessive pain in any part of the body, the asana should be terminated immediately.
    • 10. Stay with your breath and listen to your body please.
    • 11. No straining! Never exert undue force while doing Asanas. Beginners may find their muscles stiff at first, but after several weeks of regular practice they will be surprised to find that their muscles are suppler.
    • 12. During class if you get tired, take Child’s pose. This can be done any time during your practice and is a sign of strength.
    • 13. Keep practicing!!! Soreness after practice is totally normal; this is your body awakening. The more you practice, the better you will feel. A consistent yoga practice is recommended to receive the full benefits.
    • 14. Stay hydrated. Drink water as way to facilitate your practice in keeping your muscles supple and eliminating toxins.
    • 15. Have fun and ask questions! The teachers at Shafa Yoga are here to help you!